Book - Children's - Crabtree: Lost Kids of Borealonon (Autographed)


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Get an autographed copy of the pre-teen chapter book
 Crabtree: Lost Kids of Borealonon (for ages 10-13). This is an awesome gift for a young person in your life! Also check out the matching T-shirt and Adventure mug!

This book is a mystery, fantasy, adventure book about a brother and sister who are called to walk into the darkness TO BE the light. It is about making the right choices in life, it is about writing your own Chapters, it is about loving unconditionally to help others.

Thirteen-year-old Sam, his twin sister Mel, and their parents have an opportunity to move to the “wild, wild west” and a mountain town in Washington State. Sam’s dad inherited a gold-rush era house from his uncle. While everyone else is excited about the move, Sam is devastated. He will miss his friends, his basketball team, and the skateboard park in West Virginia. Thinking of the worst-case scenario, no Internet, no cell service, no computer games, and nowhere to go, Sam has a terrible attitude problem as they make their way across the country in an SUV.

All he wants to do is escape to another universe – another dimension – another reality… And from there Sam and Mel slip into an adventurous, action-packed ride of perilous danger, unexplainable mystery, and utter amazement.

“Borealanon was like entering another dimension – where cave writings told stories of mysterious creatures and darkness confused our minds... until we saw a brilliant, glowing light above us cascading down, dancing through shimmering crystals like ribbons across the rock walls.” ~ Sam