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Kristy and Dave have been "making music together" since 1992. They met long ago, in a galaxy far away, when Kristy auditioned for a band Dave was in. It only took the first few notes of "House of the Rising Sun" for Dave's group to realize what an asset Kristy would be. Ever since then, she's been pleasing crowds everywhere they go. Whether the request is a slow country standard, a big band classic, or today's pop, her renditions are top notch.

For a few years, Dave played his keyboard or horns behind Kristy on the bandstands, occasionally making eye contact. Before long, they were singing duets. Well, you know the story... Dave was a little slow to catch on, but he finally saw the light. They realized they were meant to be together...forever!

Now that they have retired from their 'real jobs', they are exploring new music possibilities. In January of 2018, they followed their many snowbirder friends to Arizona to check things out. They performed in several venues in the Phoenix and Yuma areas and were very well received. The sun felt so great, and with so many friends in the area, they decided to join the 'snowbird' flock. Yuma, Arizona is now their 'second' home.

So, if you're in the areas, Yuma, AZ in the winter and Washington State in the summer, check out their schedule for a fun night of music and dancing at:

This classic retro cup with enamel coating to be used outdoors. Not only cowboys will enjoy sipping a hot coffee or cool bourbon by the campfire. The mug has rolled rims made of stainless steel for added comfort and timeless style. Small irregularities round up this mug's vintage look. 
  • Handwash only. Do not place in microwave.
  • Material: Enamel, rim made of stainless steel
  • Lead & cadmium free (meets FDA requirements)
  • Fills 12oz
  • Imported, processed and printed in the U.S.A
Camper Mug
normal fit
One Size 3.2 in 10 in