Warrior Woman Spirit - Changing the World – Spirit Wind Collection

Warrior Woman Spirit - Changing the World

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It is in the spirit of Sacajawea that the Warrior Woman campaign was created to honor women and to reach arms around the world. We want to awaken, enlighten and embrace sisters and brothers of the Earth. Through this campaign, we will strengthen our purpose and our dream to tell the story of Sacajawea through the epic feature film, Sacajawea, The Windcatcher. 

This is an important story because Sacajawea was one of the many lost, stolen and abused Indigenous young women from the Ages. She has come to us in our time because these women are still being taken, and many are being murdered. We must never forget them. 

Please help us awaken hearts to Sacajawea's greater vision of Love, Peace and Oneness by wearing these Warrior Woman Spirit T-shirts. Thank you so much.

The meaning of our logo: Some call her SacaGawea and others believe she was SacaJawea. We have taken the "G" and "J" to create this beautiful symbol of peace, using the red feather for the "Warrior Woman," and the vermillion she wore on her face for peace, together with the powerful medicine wheel for healing the earth.