Bag - Vol. I Awakening - Embrace the World with Love Words, and the World will be Changed


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This handy bag reminds you every day that if you embrace the world with love words, the world will be changed! From Vol. I - Awakening. This is a thoughtful Birthday or Christmas gift for someone you love! And it gives a powerful message when coupled with the Awakening book (also in this store).

Over the last twenty-five years, it seemed that all I knew and believed was being shaken up, re-ordered, and made new. One powerful lesson was the understanding that the Universe does not revolve around me, us... that I, we, are simply, yet gloriously, just a part of it. And what we feel, what we think we know, and what we discern in our mind, is not the way to Truth. When we are called, we must be willing to go to the edge of the cliff and take a step in Faith. This tote shares a reminder about the day ahead!

"Embrace the World with Love Words Today!" Jane L Fitzpatrick

This versatile hemp pouch can hold anything from toiletries or makeup to pens and pencils or art supplies. Made with an eco-friendly blend of hemp and cotton.
  • 55% hemp, 45% cotton
  • Contrast zipper
  • Hemp flag tag
  • 9" wide x 7" high
  • Imported; processed and printed in the U.S.A.
Carry All Pouch
normal fit
One Size 7.1 in 9.1 in