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Spirit Wind Collection

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These beautiful, inspirational greeting cards were created using the artwork and underlying message from the book, The Grass Maiden, Sacajawea, written by Jane L. Fitzpatrick, Illustrations by Shawna N. Fitzpatrick and background watercolor images by Faith V. Halseth and Ja

The powerful Sacajawea greeting cards were created using the artwork  from the feature film production of, Sacajawea, The WindcatcherThis artwork is by notable concept artist, Marcia K. Moore, with photography by Jane L. Fitzpatrick.

Each package includes two sets of 4 cards, with envelopes. Cards are blank inside.

Our Commitment: A portion of the profit from every Sacajawea logo item sold will be used to further the project's mission by giving back, based on their outreach plan, to Native people and communities.