Journal - Journey of Discovery - Sacajawea, The Windcatcher


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Life is a journal full of discovery! As Sacajawea traveled with the Lewis and Clark expedition, we are blessed to have a snapshot of her life because the explorers wrote about her and their experiences in their journals.

Now is your opportunity to chronicle your own life events, your ideas and your dreams into this beautifully bound journal. The concept artwork is by Marcia K. Moore from the feature film production of Sacajawea, The Windcatcher.

We are on our phones or computers day in and day out, but nothing will ever replace the satisfying feeling of writing down things that affect us deeply, storing them away in a bound book. Powerful words to read, even years later!

Our Commitment: 100% net from every Sacajawea logo item sold will be used to further Humanity Shines, a nonprofit organization, and its mission and commitment to indigenous people and communities through their outreach programs.

• 48 pages
• 70lb acid-free paper with a creamy white smooth finish
• HD resolution color print
• Scuff resistant velvet ultra matte laminate cover
• Printed and hand bound with high durability tacky glue.