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Vision Quest Worldwide Scholarships is looking for young people who have a dream and are currently pursuing that dream through formal education. This Humanity Shines Organization program gives scholarships to awarded recipients who are enrolled in a college or trade school, providing amounts of $100 to $500 (USD) per recipient, to be used for school fees and materials.

To learn more or to become a donor please visit:

Mousepad Description - If you've ever used your mouse on top of your desk with no mouse pad, you know it's a shaky experience at best. It can be very frustrating when the pointer doesn't go where you need it to. Avoid the frustration in style with this office must-have.
  • Brand: Conde | Product ID: SB68-J1
  • 95% neoprene / 5% rubber (base)
  • Measurement: 9.25” wide x 7.75” tall
  • Black, anti-slip rubber base
  • Thick and durable – won't tear or fray
  • Imported, processed and printed in the USA