Mug - Sappa Creek Productions Trail Mug (12 oz.)


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Sappa Creek Productions and its production team want you to explore, dream and discover with this vintage ceramic and stainless steel trail mug! This mug artwork is the official logo for this company and owner, an associate producer of the feature film, Sacajawea, The Windcatcher. The logo artwork was created by Marcia K. Moore, a renowned concept artist.

Our Commitment: A portion of the profit from this specific item and company associated with the Sacajawea production, will be used to further the project's mission by giving back, based on their outreach plan, to Native people and communities.

This Trail mug with enamel coating can be used outdoors. It's compact size packs easily into a backpack. Not only cowboys will enjoy sipping a hot coffee or cool bourbon by the campfire. The mug has rolled rims made of stainless steel for added comfort and timeless vintage look. 
  • Handwash only. Do not place in microwave.
  • Material: Enamel, rim made of stainless steel
  • Lead & cadmium free (meets FDA requirements)
  • Fills 12oz
  • Imported, processed and printed in the U.S.A
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