Mug - Vol I. Awakening - Embrace the World with Love Words and the World will be Changed (11 oz.)


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This mug reminds you everyday that if you embrace the world with love words, the world will be changed! From "Awakening" Vol. I of the book series, this is a thoughtful Christmas gift for someone you love! 

The essence and words of the Awakening book came from Nature, from walking a path, from listening, from the sun and moon, the wind and waves, the clouds and birds, the shifting sand and rocky soil - the light and the dark. While I was sleeping one night, in 2014, I suddenly awakened to a message literally flying across the room that said, "Embrace the world with love words, and the world will be changed." At that time, I didn't even know “which words” - but it became the title of this series. Jane L Fitzpatrick

  • 100% ceramic | Capacity: 11fl.oz.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lead & Cadmium free
  • Hand washing recommended
  • Imported, printed and processed in the USA