Bring the Love of Suriname to your day!

Bring the Love of Suriname to your day!

Jane FitzpatrickNov 18, '20
It has been my deepest pleasure to work with my beautiful friend,

Monique Wijngaarde, from The Netherlands. Monique's dream is to lift people all around the world with her message that grows in Love, through her nonprofit organization, Growing Seeds Worldwide Foundation!

Monique sent us photos of the beautiful flowers of her countryside and also the amazing red Faya Lobi flower from Suriname. She always says to me, "Soso Lobi, sister, Nothing but Love!"

You will find those flowers on T-shirts in our new store under the Causes & Nonprofit Collection - available worldwide! Soon we will offer the same flowers in Greeting cards and mugs! Much to come, so Monique and her powerful organization can help Indigenous people, ALL PEOPLE, around the world. When you purchase from Monique's designs, profits are given to her organization to continue the message!

Thank you for supporting Monique and other causes, and also for supporting the Sacajawea, The Windcatcher production! We could never do it without YOU!

Happy Holidays with Tidings of Great Joy!

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