Spirit Wind

Journey of Discovery Journal!

Jane FitzpatrickMay 7, '22

As Sacajawea traveled with the Corps of Discovery, the captains and several other explorers wrote about her in their journals. From these words, written over 200 years ago, we have a snapshot of the inner strength and character of Sacajawea. Now is your opportunity to chronicle your own life events, your ideas and your dreams into this beautifully bound journal. 

Sacajawea Hat Competition! Summer FUN 2021!

Jane FitzpatrickMay 30, '21

Help us send "SACAJAWEA" around the world!! JOIN THE FUN THIS SUMMER!! Wear your Sacajawea Hat anywhere in the world, take a photo for us, and you will be entered into a drawing to WIN the Official Sacajawea, The Windcatcher T-shirt!! As you can see from the photo, Sacajawea's Senior...

Bring the Love of Suriname to your day!

Jane FitzpatrickNov 18, '20

It has been my deepest pleasure to work with my beautiful friend, Monique Wijngaarde, from The Netherlands. Monique's dream is to lift people all around the world with her message that grows in Love, through her nonprofit organization, Growing Seeds Worldwide Foundation! Monique sent us photos of the beautiful flowers of her...

Our Promise

Jane FitzpatrickApr 20, '20

It is so important for us to take every precaution necessary to stay safe during these unusual times. At Spirit Wind Collection, we want to do our part and utilize our platform to make a small difference. And that's what led to SAFEMASK and SAFEMASK Plus.