Our Promise

Our Promise

Jane FitzpatrickApr 20, '20

It is so important for us to take every precaution necessary to stay safe during these unusual times. A few months ago, we had no idea we would all (as in all the world) be experiencing such an upset in our lives this spring. And some have experienced great loss and deep sadness.

It also has caused us to look at things differently. Maybe we actually like to work from home, maybe we are motivated to finish a creative project - write a book, paint a picture, organize a room. Indeed, doing things we were too busy to do before. If your house is like ours, the animals certainly take advantage of more lap-time.

At Spirit Wind Collection, we want to do our part and utilize our platform to make a small difference. We desired to create a cost-effective mask that was comfortable, washable and serviceable. We put our minds together, got some supplies, fabric and elastic, designed a pattern and began to organize and sew. 

The design has evolved, due to the needs of our customers. Some are in a situation where they must interact with more people through their essential job. The need for a filter pocket created SAFEMASK Plus and a new design was born.

As we began processing our orders, we continued to take precautions during production and packaging. Under the circumstances, we felt we needed to give you our promise that we were also wearing masks and sanitizing surfaces and our hands. Each of our mask orders come with a notice of our promise to do the best we can for you.

We are humbled to provide you with the necessary masks you need. And, we continue to offer the 20% discount coupon with each order by using the Promo Code: SAFEMASK at checkout.  

Thank you so much for your orders. Thank you for staying home. Stay safe and be well. 

Jane & Shawna Fitzpatrick

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