Covid-19 and Staying Safe

Covid-19 and Staying Safe

Jane FitzpatrickApr 12, '20


We certainly are experiencing a unique springtime! Never before have we been sequestered in our homes, unable to socialize or do the things we like to do. It is a very trying time. But, we believe following the guidelines for social distancing and wearing a mask to protect us when we do have to go out for food, supplies or other essentials is the quickest path back to the life we once knew.

Spirit Wind Collection has partnered with Elements of Serenity to create masks for your protection and to protect others, as well. Our masks are reusable, comfortable, adjustable and washable. The adjustable ear tie is flexible and will fit pre-teens through adults.

We wish each and every one of you a safe and healthy spring and summer. We pray your family and friends are well. It is our greatest hope that we, as a country and as a world, will soon be able to socialize once again. It is an experience like this, however, that changes us - indeed, we will never be the same. Somehow we awaken just a bit more to a greater appreciation for those we love, for those who helped us or a loved one, and for the world in which we live. And, we will be more thankful and grateful for our freedoms and for our earth.

To do our part, we invite you to take a look at our Personal Protection Masks. We offer 7 print designs and Assorted Solid colors. Please accept a 20% discount with the Promo Code SAFEMASK, bringing the mask price to $3.20, plus postage. For more information and TO ORDER, click the graphic below:


Be well. Be safe. Exciting times are ahead of us! 

Jane & Shawna Fitzpatrick

Here is Shawna wearing the Hunter design:

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